Saturday, March 28, 2015

Moth Memories

I'm late for a very important date!

I agreed to a challenge from Beauty Flows regarding pollinators, and I can't find the photo I was going to use. So, I'll have to share some stories instead.

Butterflies have always had a magical quality to me--and probably for most--which is why they are such a loved insect. I've heard that when a butterfly lands on you, you get a wish. I wonder if the same goes with moths?

When I was thirteen-ish years old my family had regained a hunting/fishing lodge in the Medicine Bow National Forest. My mother, sister and I were driving on the very wet and muddy early-summer roads, and got stuck. We ended up walking six miles in the mountains to get to the lodge and get help to free the car. It was a long, wet (because it sprinkled on us the whole time) journey.

On one of our frequent breaks, we sat on a log at the side of the road. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge, grey, fuzzy moth the size of a desert plate appeared fluttering down the road. I'd never seen any moth that size, much less in the mountains. It was beautiful, too, covered with dove-grey feather and white markings.

It drifted straight over to us, taking a look, and then settled itself right on my knee. It sat there for quite a while, and then just took off and fluttered the rest of the way down the road.

Most butterflies and moths in Wyoming in are small, so the size of this one really stood out and had an otherworldly quality to it. I think all three of us wanted to believe it was an angel in insect clothing.

There is one other time where a butterfly has made a special appearance, and I've wondered if it could be a spirit in disguise.

As I mentioned just last week, my sister, Dyan, died in 2001. I got married in late August of 2002. Of course I wished she could be there, and her absence was very palpable, as was that of my Grandmother who had died three weeks before my wedding.

After the wedding, a gigantic, yellow and black, butterfly (you know the type) fluttered through the tent we had erected in my parents back yard. I've only seen this type of butterfly once in Wyoming. (When one had attached itself to my drumset after I'd played outdoors, cocooned and then birthed itself in February in my bedroom.) I've definitely never seen such a butterfly out in the plains, where there are no trees.

The butterfly on my wedding day fluttered right up to me, and landed on one of the tent lines, maybe three feet away from me, and then took off, disappearing over the prairie.

My mother and I had always said that butterflies reminded us of Dyan, and so it felt like she'd sent the butterfly to let me know that she was there, even if I couldn't see her. So, butterflies and moths now hold an additional special place in my heart.

Thank you so much, Tammie Lee, for letting me join the challenge, and I look forward to hopping around and seeing everyone else's posts! If anyone is interested in seeing more posts, pictures and/or artwork related to pollinators, go over to Beauty Flows for the list!

Do you have any special butterfly memories?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: A Maniacal Owl

Happy Friday!

It's an especially happy Friday for me, as it starts my Spring Break. I have all next week off! Yay!!

My auspicious plans for the week include going to the Mythical Creatures exhibit at the Denver Museum of Space and Science, super-cleaning at least two rooms of my house, and hopefully be in a position to start the second draft of Through the Fairy Ring.

I really thought I'd be done with the first draft by today--I've only got a couple thousand more words to go--but it seems to just keep going! I'll write three-four pages, and only make a little headway in the story. I can't believe I'm up to 85,000 words and am still not done! At least when I edit out ten percent, I'll still have a decent sized story.

Okay! Let's see last week's favorite photo! Winning by one vote, it is:

Here's the new ones!

What is it about cats and boxes?

Awwwww. :(

Zombie cats would be horrible!!

Not sure which is scarier--the claws or the maniacal look in its eyes.

Anyone get it? I hope I'm not the only one!


My favorite is either the maniacal owl or the insecure seal - leaning toward the insecure seal. 

What's your favorite?

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cover Reveal: A Change of Mind and Other Stories by Nick Wilford

I am very pleased to welcome Nick Wilford back to Motivation for Creation.

I "met" Nick through blogging, and was fortunate enough to contribute an essay in his Overcoming Adversity Blog Hop, and the post was later included in his Overcoming Adversity: An Anthology for Andrew.

When Nick asked for help with his cover reveal, I was so happy I could help out. His new book, a short-story collection called A Change of Mind and Other Stories, sounds absolutely fascinating. Take a look at the story descriptions below the cover, because I bet you'll think so, too!

Title: A Change of Mind and Other Stories
Author: Nick Wilford
Genre: Contemporary speculative fiction
Cover Design: Rebekah Romani
Release Date: May 25th 2015

A Change of Mind and Other Stories consists of a novella, four short stories and one flash fiction piece. This collection puts the extremes of human behaviour under the microscope with the help of lashings of dark humour, and includes four pieces previously published in Writer’s Muse magazine.

In A Change of Mind, Reuben is an office worker so meek and mild he puts up with daily bullying from his boorish male colleagues as if it’s just a normal part of his day. But when a stranger points him in the direction of a surgeon offering a revolutionary new procedure, he can’t pass up the chance to turn his life around.

But this isn’t your average surgeon. For a start, he operates alone in a small room above a mechanic’s. And he promises to alter his patients’ personality so they can be anything they want to be…

In Marissa, a man who is determined to find evidence of his girlfriend’s infidelity ends up wondering if he should have left well alone.

The Dog God finds a chink in the armour of a man with a megalomaniacal desire to take over the world.

In The Insomniac, a man who leads an obsessively regimented lifestyle on one hour’s sleep a night finds a disruption to his routine doesn’t work for him.

Hole In One sees a dedicated golfer achieving a lifelong ambition.

The Loner ends the collection on a note of hope as two family members try to rebuild their lives after they are torn apart by jealousy.

Nick Wilford is a writer and stay-at-home dad. Once a journalist, he now makes use of those rare times when the house is quiet to explore the realms of fiction, with a little freelance editing and formatting thrown in. When not working, he can usually be found spending time with his family or cleaning something. Nick is also the editor of Overcoming Adversity: An Anthology for Andrew. You can find him hanging out on his blog or on Goodreads or Twitter.


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