Thursday, November 26, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Break Dancing Wood

Happy Friday and Happy *late* Thanksgiving for everyone who celebrates it.

The first few photos are Thanksgiving related. I couldn't help it. They were pretty funny.

I normally stay away from Miley Cyrus references, but this one really made me laugh.

Finishing off with general funny...

Not exactly an equal exchange.

Can you really do that? That would be so much easier.

Puns! The first is borderline, but it was so cute, I decided to use it, anyway.

Well, I hope everyone had a great week. :)

I'm sorry I don't have much to talk about. I feel like I'm letting everyone down or something, but my life is very mundane right now. Work, family, playing Minecraft with my family and writing. And watching iballistic squid Minecraft videos with my kids. That's life. And I have to say, it's a great life. But not exactly exciting, so I hope the photos are enjoyable enough to bring you back!

My favorite this week is Groot's break dancing predecessor. OH! I have a joke! I have lunch duty with 8th Graders, and to make it more fun, I started bringing jokes with me. There's a couple of tables who ask me for the joke of the day, so I'm starting to amass some jokes.

This one is: Who is Captain America's ancestor?  (wait for it.....) Captain Thirteen Colonies! (insert groan here)

Okay! Have a wonderful week, and I'll see you back here next weekend. Bye!!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: A Pug In Sheep's Clothing

Happy Friday!

I don't have a lot to say this week. I hope your week went well, and you're getting ready for a happy, relaxing weekend. I'm not sure what I'll be doing, but I do believe a game of #ShakesTag will be occurring on Twitter. If you'd like to join us, keep an eye on Twitter. I don't know yet when we'll play, but I will tweet about it when I find out.

Thank you, Joe, Lexa, Suzi, Veronica and L.G. for the comments. None of us liked the same one most, so I guess there was no winner last week. :)

Here's the new photos:

Caption by Ailidhe.

Caption by Sirnottaguy-Imadad

A very soulful squirrel...

A throw-back to my childhood - Looney Tunes were the best.


Last seen with Spongebob Squarepants' friend, Bubble Buddy.

Submitted by Nimo

Submitted by LOLdogexpert

I think my favorite this week is the Looney Tunes pug. It tickles me.

Hey, does anyone remember this?  Bugs Bunny and the Rabbit of Seville. One of my all time favorite cartoons!

Do you have a favorite?  Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Funny Friday Photos: Scary Speed Bumps

Happy Friday!

I can't get over how tired I was this week. I managed to get a few more chapters edited, but not nearly as many as I wanted. Hopefully I'll adjust soon and not be so tired after work. To be fair, I'm walking around all day. Can I just say that I am really liking working in the library? I find it quite motivating to be around all the interesting books.

No one agreed on which was the funniest last week, but thank you Cindy, Joe, Veronica, Suzi, Lexa and Diane for taking the time to vote! Here's the new photos:

From icanhascheeseburger; caption by vicious_cookie

From icanhascheeseburger; caption by Chris10a

From icanhascheeseburger.

From icanhascheeseburger; caption by sandyra

From icanhascheeseburger; photo by Bladesofwoe; caption by GCHLoki


I hope you have a lovely weekend and a superb next week!

My favorite was the speed bumps. What's yours?


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